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Welcome on the Knutselmaasterforum

Since 11-8-2007 there were different visitors here.

It is now

The skindownloadpage has now been organised and comes with an handy Navigation Tab to easily find the desired skin!

The skindownloadsection has now reached a more mature status with all skins organised by alphabet an some more handy classes to ease up the search for specific models. To make the 37 pages (in stead of the 1 page before, if that doesn't boost loading speeds, nothing will) easy to navigate K and R have been working hard on the Navigation Tab. The result is a menu wich will follow your every movement troughout the skinspages in the upper left corner of your screen. Move your mouse over the tab to make the menu shove into your screen and click on one of the options to open the desired page. With this we are moving to betaversion 1.2 of the skindownloadpages (version 1.1 was only in dutch) If you encounter any bugs or errors, please come to the forum to inform me about it.

This version has still got to be translated into french, and after that I can finally add the hundreds of new skins that i've found lately. So keep coming back to stay informed!

The skin downloads are now available on the website!

After weeks of hard work, it is finally finished!

All skins are now on a nice webpage with clear photos and in alphabetical order.

This is much nicer to look at and easier to use, for you to find the download you want and for me when i want to add new models.

This has as a consequence that a new section of the website saw the light of day: Downloads . From there on you can navigate to all sorts of TrackMania related downloads that are accumulating on the dutch forum, where they are hard to find because of the structure and the language. The skins page is thus the first page of an expanding family.

I want to ask you again, dear visitor, to come to the forum to inform me of all bugs and commentaries on the site, so i can adapt the site to your likings at the best of my abilities. Also you're invited to just leave me a message of appreciation for my hard work in the guestbook, informing me of who are visiting my site and that all my hard work hasn't been for nothing ;)

The Knutselmaasterforum has been redesigned!

Things change and become more modern all the time, thats why the knutselmaasterforum has been redesigned.

This is the portal of a totally new site, with more of everything:

More information, more clarity and more flexibility.

The forum has been updated from phpBB2 to phpBB3, and is now available in three languages: English, Dutch and French. If you click on the Forum link on the left you will go automatically to the forum in the language chosen on this page. PhpBB3 is a lot nicer to look at and has much more possibilities, for the users and the moderators. So don't hesitate to take a look.

From this page you can visit the forums and the =K+R= Website (under construction) and go directly to the pages with the realtime informations on the =K+R= TrackMania servers.

I'm still working on the site so come back soon to see the site take form. ;)


12-20-2007 The skindownloadpages have been reorganised and now come with a Navigation Tab (betaversion 1.2)
12-07-2007 Downloadsection added to the site (betaversion 1.0)
12-03-2007 Detection of language for automatic redirection implemented.
11-09-2007 The DutchGP server is online.
11-08-2007 The new site is partially online.
11-07-2007 English and French forum are online
11-06-2007 The =K+R= Team has a FTP Server, members can ask Knutselmaaster for a login and password.
11-05-2007 The renewed forum is online.
11-02-2007 The new =K+R=Server (Rounds4U) is online.

Looking for something?

=K+R=Rounds4U Server

There's now a second =K+R= server. Do you prefer playing rounds over time attack?
Then visit the
=K+R=Rounds4U server!
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=K+R= was asked to host the official DutchGP server. November 9th 2007 this server went online. DutchGP is a fun competition in Trackmania Nations witch takes place in a Formule 1 environment with fantasy F1 tracks, pitstops and the real F1 teams. The competition was initiated by Hell Pet who has started a forum for it (in Dutch). If you want to know more about the DutchGP competition, just click on the link below to go to the DutchGP forum (in Dutch) or post your questions here in the knutselmaasterforum (in English or French)

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